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Print copies will be dispatched directly by " Apex Subscription Pvt. Ltd."

Agency Discount Allowed To Subscription Agents Approved By Good Office Committee / FPNAI Only

The right to amend/change access and subscription policies rests with Enriched Publications

For Journals

Online access will be activated within 24 hours of realisation of payment, subject to receipt of correct information on username/IP of the subscriber.

Sample issue for each publication is available.

The access will be blocked:

1.      If same username logs in simultaneously from 2 different IPs.

2.      If user requests for the same and furnishes valid reasons for blocking.

3.      Due to technical issue.

Rates indicated on website are for single user/IP address only. For site licensing or multiple user access, please refer to our subscription policy.

Trial Policy

1.      Trial access facility is for institutional subscribers only.

2.      Enriched Publications reserves the right to deny an access request, without furnishing reasons.

3.      Trial access can be availed only once by each institution, during a subscription year.

4.      Trial access is IP based only.

5.      Trial access will be valid for 30 days, from the date of activation. For extension of deadline, contact us

Subscription Policy

Online subscription includes current subscription plus contents published from Volume-1 and Issue -1

Print subscription is volume based whereas online subscription is calendar year based. Even if the print version is not compiled by the society within delivery time, online renewal of subscription has to be carried out anyway.

Subscription rates of all journals change effective 1st October every year. Any access after the given date requires a payment of the new prices.

For Site Licensing / Multiple users access (single premises) fee equivalent to 5 (Five) users will be charged i.e. five times of prevailing single user online subscription rates.

Payment Policy

Payment can be made by Draft/Cheque, favouring APEX SUBSCRIPTION PRIVATE LIMITED, payable at New Delhi.

You can remit the payment through Bank Transfer. For details, p

lease get in touch withinfo@enrichedpublications.com

Rates are inclusive of postal charges and online access.

Once the order is processed, money shall not be refunded under any circumstances.

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Archival Policy

Archives are accessible for a period of Ten (10) years subject to Annual Activation.

Deep Archives consists of content published earlier

For Subject Collections

All Subject Collections are a bundle of subject-specific publications on a given date.

Subject Collections are offered at discounted prices.

Any publication uploaded to the same subject category, during the given subscription period, can be accessed without paying any additional charges.


ENRICHED PUBLICATIONS  is not responsible for any ramifications arising out of usage of information.







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